Host Affiliation

Hosting & Domain Registration Affiliation

At GetWeb, we pride ourselves in assisting clients with everything from start to finish – including hosting and/or domain registration.

Although GetWeb itself does not offer hosting or domain purchasing, we consult and assist clients with making the correct choice in choosing the service provider suited to their needs and requirements. GetWeb does not have any connections to specific hosting service providers, not does it endorse any hosting service providers. The sole focus for GetWeb regarding hosting and domain purchasing is to get the right supplier for the client.

Domain registration and hosting remains the client’s responsibility so that they have full control over their payment and/or subscription plans. The client may thus choose to switch providers however and whenever they see fit – without having to consult GetWeb in the transferring process. GetWeb remains responsible for only the website design and not for the hosting associated with the website.

To learn more about GetWeb’s hosting affiliation, feel free to contact GetWeb Administrators.