The Basics of GetWeb

What We Do

What We Do

GetWeb’s number one priority is to create an online presence for our clients. We specialise in WordPress websites, but we aren’t set on it. In fact, there are many website builders out there that we love, and if it is something else our clients are looking for, then we are up to the challenge!

GetWeb also offers a wide range of other services, such as graphic design, copywriting, photography, and content creation. Learn more by visiting our services page.

How We Do It

We value compassion, integrity, and transparency – which is why we take on the journey with our clients. From the very beginning, GetWeb considers where we might be able to assist our clients.

We start by evaluating our clients’ needs and from there we dive into conversation with our clients – taking every need and every requirement into consideration. Start your journey with GetWeb and chat with us.

How We Do It

Where We Do It

GetWeb is a cluster-based business operated in a remote fashion. We work from wherever – as long as we have our ‘toolbox’ with us, we can get the job done.

We’re a ‘tad’ contemporary because we believe in a work environment where output outweighs the notion of management structures. Every skill and talent used on projects are equally important, and creativity is best kept out of an office and away from a desk. Learn more about how GetWeb conducts business by reading the ‘Message from the Founder‘.

Pulling It All Together

How GetWeb Starts With A Project

Step one

We listen to our client’s needs and requirements. Then we start a conversation to determine where we can assist our client with content, graphic design, brand consistency, etc.

Step two

We provide a customised quotation for our client, and if accepted, we start with a wireframe design.

Step three

After the client has accepted the wireframe designs, we start with development. We provide regular updates to our client – making corrections and listening to suggestions as we continue.

Step four

After about a month (taking into account the scale of the project), we start our deployment of the project and let our client test their website thoroughly before we launch.

Step five

We launch!

We provide our client with a customised end-user package and hand over their website to them. The end-user package is very important because it allows the client to update their website without the need for constant support and expenses that go along with it.

That’s not to say that GetWeb does not provide support. On the contrary, GetWeb is willing to assist our clients where possible, because our journey seldom ends with a destination.

Message from the Founder

Barend Nagel

Founder & Lead Designer

A big hello to everyone!

My name is Barend Nagel and I am the founder & lead designer at GetWeb. Never in a million years did I think I would develop such a big passion and love for web design. In fact, never in a million years did I think I would be capable of designing websites. Thankfully, I can, and I love it!

GetWeb isn’t my ‘day job’, but it is a huge part of my life. When I’m not busy with my daily responsibilities as an Audio-Visual Specialist in the higher education sector, I am most likely busy with GetWeb, so essentially it’s my ‘moonlighting gig’.

That being said: just because it’s a sort of a second job for me does not mean that I don’t put 100% effort into designing – the only problem is that my GetWeb working hours are…errr…a bit different than what is considered ‘normal. But that’s enough introductions for now, let me tell you a bit more about GetWeb…

So, what is GetWeb?

I founded GetWeb as a means of expressing my creativity after-hours (yes, I’m a bit of a workaholic, but is it really work when you love doing it?). The premise behind GetWeb is to allow businesses and individuals to get themselves online with a website. In the last few years, I have learned how important it is for businesses to have websites because it increases marketing exposure and business validity.

The ‘we’ in GetWeb.

You’ll notice that the GetWeb website refers to ‘we’ and ‘our’ a lot, but it’s mostly just me, to be completely honest. So why then the ‘we’ in GetWeb? Well…simply because I’m not alone! I’ve come to know so many talented people who not only form part of my life but who also form part of my career. The ‘we’ in GetWeb refers to my support system – which includes the people who inspire me and motivate me. It also includes colleagues and friends who are beyond talented and willing to provide their services to GetWeb, so that ‘we’ can get quality websites and content online.

None of your business…

GetWeb is officially a part of my life (it’s quite daunting to admit), and I hope that we get the opportunity to grow with our clients, suppliers, friends, family, and the communities surrounding us.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Dalai Lama

Honesty, transparency, and compassion are the cornerstones of my values, and I hope to incorporate them into GetWeb. Thank you to the people who sculpted me into who I am today, and thank you, reader, for being a part of my life and for exploring GetWeb.

I hope there are many journeys to come, and I wish for GetWeb to succeed in making a difference – no matter how small.

Yours sincerely,

Barend Nagel